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Degrees: MFA Vermont College 0f Fine Arts Bachelor of Landscape Architecture UC Berkeley

Recent Exhibits: 2013 North American Print Biennial Boston University Mixit 25 ReThinkInk Boston Public Library

Workshops and Classes: Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Curry College, Milton, MA University of Maine, Farmington & Orono campuses Gallery 263 & Cambridge Community Center, Cambridge, MA Arlington Center for the Arts, Arlington, MA

Medium: Gelatin Plate is a non-toxic, low-tech printmaking medium which requires no press. Luminous, multi-layered monotypes can be created using water based acrylic paints. Ink is applied to a plate of very concentrated pharmaceutical gelatin. Using subtractive techniques, touching the inked plate with various textural objects, such as plant material and found objects, images of photographic clarity can be produced. Masking, collographs and wiping are techniques that create spectacular results. The medium is by nature very spontaneous and fast paced.

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May 6, 2014


contact: tamaretingen@comcast.net mailto:tamaretingen@comcast.net contact tamar etingen, tamaretingen@comcast.net mailto:tamaretingen@comcast.net mailto:tamaretingen@comcast.net